Keeping Fit this Winter

June 30, 2016 0 Comments

Keeping Fit this Winter

As we settle into the coldest months of the year, we tend to eat more and stay indoors, becoming more sedentary. Here are some handy hints to keep you moving right through Winter and keep on track with your fitness and training:


  • Train with friends. Having a regular training buddy that you commit to meet each week is a great way to adhere to an exercise plan as you won't want to let them down.
  • Have warm layers ready. Prepare your workout clothes the night before training so when you get out of bed you can stay warm. Once you start exercising you generally only need to wear a singlet, so having a light weight long sleeve layer, gloves, and a head buff or beanie that you can remove are great to get you started. As for your lower limbs, a pair of long compression tights is all you need to keep you warm whilst training in Winter.
  • Focus on Winter weather positives. Winter training can be beautiful. Crisp, clear, cool days are a pleasure to train in compared to the heat and humidity of summer. Take advantage!
  • Do it for your health. Your heart and lungs need exercising all year round. Staying fit over Winter also helps maintain a strong immune system to help keep colds and flus away. Consistency is the key to good short and long term health.
    • Enjoy the extra burn. You naturally burn more calories in Winter when the weather is colder as your body’s metabolism rises to try and maintain a stable body temperature. Sounds like the perfect motivation to help you take advantage of the cooler weather!
    • Get with the program. A solid, consistent Winter training program will have you looking great in Spring and Summer when you start peeling off the extra layers of clothing. If you can stick to the plan throughout Winter you will replace an ‘Ugh’ moment with a 'Yes!' moment, come Spring.
    • Commit to a Winter fitness challenge.  For the past three years, the 10 week Winter Meltdown Challenge at Energy Fitness Gymea has been helping many locals keep moving through Winter and stay on track with their training.  Are you up for the challenge? The fun starts on Sunday 9th July! Register here:

    QRS Compression gear is also a great way to help you keep getting out the door in the cooler months, keeping you warm before, during and after your workout. Head to our online store now and keep yourself fit (and warm) this winter.

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