Genuine compression fabric for ultimate sports performance enhancement

QRS compression wear is made with Australian developed fabric of the highest technical standards. Unlike many brands that settle circular knitted fabrics, which is cheaper to make, QRS sports garments use a warp knitted fabric of up to 70 denier. Our warp knitted fabric has a higher Elastomeric fibre content so it delivers stronger compression force per square centimetre. This means you can expect better performance and increased muscle power.

Compression Technology

Many other brands use cheaper weft knit fabric that is easily laddered and can quickly lose its shape. The stronger fabric also means QRS garments apply compression where it's needed without the need for extra panels and stitching. Without unnecessary seams you can enjoy a more comfortable skin hugging fit than many well-known brands. QRS will retain its shape and appearance longer, even with use in active sports.

Compression fabric features:


Lower moisture, quicker wicking, longer lasting

QRS compression fabric delivers better comfort by managing moisture in two ways. It holds less moisture than other materials and wicks faster. The fabric has the added advantage of superior soil release properties, so you can expect a longer life from your QRS compression gear, wash after wash. You no longer need to compromise. While QRS products are made in Australia to higher standards, you can now buy compression direct for no more than inferior imports and at better value.

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