Why Buy Locally Made?

May 12, 2016 0 Comments

Why Buy Locally Made?

We have been told time and again that as Australians we should buy locally made products, but have you actually thought about the benefits of this, not just to individuals, but to our local community and country as a whole?

Let’s look at a list of some of the benefits that locally made products have to offer:

  • No extra costs or fees – It is incorrectly assumed that buying Australian made automatically means that a product is more expensive. In fact, a lot of costs are actually eliminated by buying locally designed and made garments, because there are no middle men to pay! Payments to offshore factories, importers, wholesalers and retailers are all eliminated which can keep the price of locally designed and made products down.


  • More jobs are kept in our local community- There’s not really much more to point out here except that, if the production is kept local, so are all of the jobs! This, in turn, is of direct benefit to the Australian economy.


  • Superior quality - This can be assured as Australian producers can source the materials themselves and directly oversee every step of production process instead of relying on someone in a factory or office somewhere else to do this for them.


  • Personalised service - Direct dealings with the customer means more direct attention can be given to their needs in regards to product specifics, ensuring they get what they want from the start.

Being in the business of designing and making sportswear in the Sutherland Shire for 20 years, we are highly experienced in being involved at all stages of production and sales. If you would like to know that you are getting great quality compression products with personalised service and helping to keep the jobs in our local area, then head to our website -

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