Legging It!

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Legging It!


The Benefits of Compression Leggings for Sport


Compression leggings have been used for many years to help patients with diabetes and circulatory issues to help improve circulation and aid recovery. More recently, similar garments have made their way onto the lower limbs of runners and other sportspeople. Although different to medical compression garments, sports leggings use similar principles to help with performance and recovery for athletes.

  • Decreased muscle fatigue - Exercise of any kind will result in muscular fatigue and damage. Study has shown that this muscle fatigue can be lessened by the use of compression wear as they decrease the impact and vibration the lower legs take when hitting the ground. More support, means more stability and less muscle breakage.
  • Injury prevention - As compression items are worn firm, it has been found that this can prevent injury to the body parts covered as they provide support to these areas, making them more stable. Joints and associated muscles are less likely to move out of normal range if supported to stay in place, meaning injury is less likely.
  • Improved performance - Compression garments work by compressing the muscles they surround, causing faster blood flow and oxygen delivery. As a result, it is believed they can improve an athlete’s performance by delaying the anaerobic threshold (the point at which the energy demands of the muscles outweigh the oxygen supply causing high levels of lactic acid). When reaching the anaerobic threshold is delayed more work can be done before levels of lactic acid slow one’s performance.
  • Faster recovery - Compression wear has been shown to be as effective as other methods of recovery such as ice baths and light exercise, and much better than simply doing nothing. Just as faster blood flow and oxygen delivery can delay the onset of lactic acid it can also help to flush it out more quickly; resulting in less muscle soreness and faster muscle recovery.Whether you’re an elite athlete or a Sunday morning jogger, your legs will thank you for wearing compression socks. They will help you to train more effectively, achieve your goals and aid your recovery so you can feel your best.

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