Compression Clothing for Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism and ADHD

May 04, 2016 0 Comments

Compression Clothing for Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism and ADHD

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Not only for athletes and weekend sports’ enthusiasts, compression clothing is now being shown to have wonderful benefits for those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders and ADHD.

Using the firm, smooth and stretchy fabric found in compression gear, users find the pressure provided by pants and tops to be calming and provide sensory stimulation that the body craves.

Based on research done by Temple Grandin, the highly respected doctor of animal science who lives with high functioning Autism, deep pressure such as that provided by compression wear has a calming effect on those with these disorders. She says “Autistic children will often seek out deep pressure sensations. At various lecture meetings of parents of autistic individuals, parents have reported to me various types of pressure-seeking behaviour of their offspring, such as wrapping arms and legs in elastic bandages, sleeping under many blankets even during warm weather, and getting under mattresses. In my case, l used to crawl under sofa cushions and have my sister sit on them.”

Deep pressure touch has been found to have beneficial effects in a variety of clinical settings (Barnard and Brazelton 1990, Gunzenhauser 1990). In anecdotal reports, deep touch pressure has been described to produce a calming effect in children with psychiatric disorders. For years, deep pressure stimulation such as rolling up in a gym mat has been used to calm children with autistic disorder and ADHD (Ayres 1979, King 1989).

Here’s what some local mums have to say about how compression wear has helped their kids:

“My son loves his compression clothes. He says he makes it feel like he’s being hugged” Julie of Kirrawee, mother of 6 year old with ADHD.

“Jordan loves the smooth feeling of his ‘tight pants’ as he calls them. It stops the scratchy feeling of the blankets when he’s asleep” Rowena from Como, mother of 9 year old with autism and sensory processing issues.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on compression wear to get the enormous benefits that these families have gained. QRS manufacturer their gear locally in the Sutherland Shire and are proud to bring their products to local families at realistic prices. Without the high price tag, parents can afford to replace their kids’ compression wear as they grow, ensuring they always get the soothing benefits that these garments can bring.

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